They should have killed us.

The advertisements for us Baby Boomers grew up within newspapers, magazines, on television and radio should have killed us. I guess for the most part we didn't realize that certain products, certain cars, bikes, toys, games, and the like could be dangerous. Or maybe we did know and took more care. Or we're just plain flat-out lucky.

Whatever the case, we survived them.

Do you want a prime example? Here's something we grew up with that the Gen Xers, the Gen Zer's, the millennials, and whatever the latest generation is called will never see.

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But I think the one product and endorser that we saw on TV seems particularly odd...strange...out of place. Check out this TV advertisement we Boomer's grew up with.

Yes, tobacco companies would use the medical community to promote their products.  Or maybe it was the medical community using the tobacco companies!  Either way, these ads were not uncommon 'back in the day'.

I remember as a kid in the 1960's going to the hospital and sitting in the waiting room because I wasn't old enough to go into my Mom's patient room.  Sitting there would be several adults casually smoking cigarettes, chatting, reading a newspaper (yes, young 'uns, in the waiting room in the hospital taking in that second-hand smoke).

It makes sense now realizing more Doctor's smoked Camels! Or at least being told they did.

There are actually a couple of reasons you'll never see an ad like this on TV again. First, of course, is the fact that your doctor would NEVER recommend any kind of tobacco for you. And if you use tobacco, you'll be feeling guilty by the time you leave his/her office, that's for sure.

And secondly, it was on April 1, 1970, that President Nixon signed legislation banning cigarette ads from television.

So yeah, times are a bit different now.  I don't think I'd ask a Doctor what cigarette he recommends.

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