This is sure to be a hot topic when it comes to smokers in your workplace. One company is giving its non-smoking employees an extra six vacation days a year to make up for the time smokers get to take for cigarette breaks.

And it all started with a suggestion box note.

The non-smokers reasoned that smokers took several 15 minute breaks per day to fuel their habit and it added up to several hours per week away from their desk. The company's CEO said he couldn't argue with that, so in September, the new policy was issued at the marketing firm, Piala, Inc.

According to Business Insider it all began when an employee dropped a note in the suggestion box, management decided to do something about it.

The firm's management said they hope the move inspires employees to give up the habit.

Would you quit smoking if it meant an extra week of vacation? Bring it to the suggestion box and see what happens.

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