A 2018 Mayoral campaign update from the candidate who has absolutely zero chance of winning, but shows no sign of slowing down political push.

Marketing campaign slogans are usually a mixture of some catchy words with Dr. Suess styling design to climb inside and stick in our brain like caramel rolls.

Instead of coming up with something clever on your own there is no shame in straight up stealing lyrics from songs, and using them as catch phrase political slogans.

There might be a plagiarizing problem with lifting song lyrics, unless you are friends with the band or if you claim to be friends with the band.

There is no shortage of name dropping in this underdog candidates latest message including the announcement of a new marketing/campaign director who also happens to be his mom.

In the above campaign video you will hear the new mission statement for supporters along with some familiar gently used political strategies and tactics

Some people may consider this campaign a little behind since it started with less than four weeks from election day.

Watch these videos below to see how it all started and be inspired to root for the ultimate underdog who couldn't win from the start, but doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.


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