Before you cruise the list below what would you choose for the Sioux Falls Top Ten wins since 2010?

The new Events Center? GreatLIFE? Smoking Ban?

Well as Sioux Falls outgoing Mayor Mike Huether gave it some thought this is what he considers to be the top 10 wins that Sioux Falls City government has captured since 2010:

  • The City purchased the downtown rail yard from BNSF Railway Company after a decade of planning and negotiation.
  • Our economy. Record-breaking construction, jobs a confidence level unmatched in America
  • Quality of life: New Events Center, indoor aquatic facility, beautiful parks.
  • Public and private collaboration and investment for our downtown.
  • Battling whatever Mother Nature throws our way. An unforgettable ice storm, 1,000-year rain events and record snowfalls.
  • Our city’s finances are rock solid.
  • Infrastructure has regained its strength through an aggressive repair, rebuild, and replace strategy of roads, parks, buildings, and technology.
  • The City’s pension reform.
  • Safety is a virtue and code enforcement is a commitment in Sioux Falls that helps us reach statistics where 91 percent of citizens think Sioux Falls is a good or great place to live.
  • Sioux Falls Airport upgrades, added flying options, and improved airfares.

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