April is National Poetry Month and Today is National Encourage a Young Writer DayI was looking for fellow writers who sit in front of the page to encourage.

I wrote the above poem a few years back for the same reason, to encourage fellow writers who hammer away at the craft. There is an unwritten connection between writers who know the process of writing. Like all crafts, writing brings its gifts and its curses.

It is a hard thing to explain, like when you try to explain a place you've been on vacation and finally say "well you will just have to go there."

If you write then you've been there. You understand the island of writing.

I've found writing to be the most healing, revealing, hope filled funnel for my life.

I've also found encouragement in talking to other writers, and reading writers sharing about their experiences.

For anyone who picks up the pen, wrestles the page, or pounds away on a keyboard it's an honor to sit at the writers table with you.

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