I first met Desire' through my love of movies, and she happened to be part of an upcoming film festival.

During that first interview we were talking all things life, and she mentioned an organization her church partners with called World Cassette Outreach India.

We made plans for a follow up interview so I could learn more about her mission trips with WCOI.

WCOI brings the bible to people in India through incredible solar powered technology, and stuffed animals.

Some of the groups WCOI ministers to are the vision impaired, people who are unable to read, and kids in orphanages.

Desire' has now taken two mission trips to India with WCOI, and in Part 2 of this interview she describes her time at a leper colony.

After seeing pictures of the colony for years, I thought I would be prepared to meet the people who lived at the leper colony.

The first thing I saw after stepping off the bus was a woman who was missing the front part of her foot, and her heal from leprosy.

She had duct taped pieces of a sole from a shoe to the remaining part of her foot.

Another lady who had lost her fingers was leading her, and they were joined arm in arm.

To see the incredible amount of joy they lived with, and them walking with each other was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

If you would like to learn more about the work of World Cassette Outreach India, or if you would like to partner with them click here.

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