Those who follow Charlie Berens know how funny he is and how relatable he is to everyone in the Northland. His popularity is obvious to anyone trying to buy tickets to see him in Duluth on his Midwest Survival Guide Tour.

His show scheduled for Friday, March 25 at the DECC Symphony Hall is sold out, while the show on Thursday, March 24 is getting close.

It's no shock then that a video Charlie added Tuesday to Charlie Berens Sketch Comedy page on Facebook is getting a lot of attention. The video was also added to YouTube.

With the Olympics underway, what better time for Charlie to share his video of a trip to Utah, where he got his first professional luge lesson with Jonny Gustafson, a member of the USA National Luge Team?

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Charlie quickly realizes it's a long way down and it goes faster than he may like. Jonny is quick to point out that they can pull 5g's on some of the turns while going 80 to 90 miles per hour. But no need to worry, a helmet is provided.

Of course, when you're moving at that kind of speed you must first train your body. Jonny does his best to get Charlie ready but, as you'll see in the video, it's not quite the same as a training montage from a Rocky movie.

Can Jonny make Charlie 'The Biggest Luger'? What could go wrong, he's in Duluth Trading Company gear. Check it out.

If you'd like to see the Charlie Berens: Midwest Survival Guide Tour in Duluth, your best bet to do so without paying inflated ticket prices is to act quickly and get tickets for the March 24 performance directly through Ticketmaster.

Good luck to Jonny Gustafson and the entire USA National Luge Team!

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