Today is National Minnesota Day!

We found out in the 2017/2018 season that Minnesota Vikings backup quarterback Case Keenum could step up when called on to lead the team.

But can Case Keenum step up to the mic for karaoke?

In an episode of Vikings CARaoke Case tries tackling Taylor Swifts Look What You Made Me Do.

The CARaoke fun kicks off with Taylor Swifts Look What You Made Me Do because Keenum claims him, and his wife have been jamming to it.

It's OK Case every dude has a set list of secret pop songs they rock out to when no one is around.

The Viking then attempts to reclaim his man card by singing a song that has been played at countless sporting events over the years.

The karaoke continues with the belting out of Journey's Don't Stop Belivin'.

Casey has proven not only is he good at sports, but he is a good sport when it comes to laughing at himself.

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