There have been recent reports of mountain lion sightings around Sioux Falls. Some of the Vermillion police officers even witnessed a giant mountain lion crossing the street while on patrol. Now, another big cat may have been spotted in another South Dakota town.

In a town just about a half hour north of Sioux Falls, residents are reporting they might have also seen a mountain lion roaming throughout the neighborhood.

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Some posts on social media have been reporting that a mountain lion was possibly wandering around the town of Baltic.

At the time of this post, there were not any confirmed reports about the mountain lion sighting in Baltic.

Mountain lions are nothing new to the state of South Dakota. They mainly can be found in the Black Hills. However, they do roam across the state. Mountain lions also like to follow the flow of rivers.

When it comes to exotic animals or parks in South Dakota, the South Dakota Game Fish, and Parks and Travel South Dakota have all the answers to your questions! Travel South Dakota advises residents or visitors who might encounter this big cat to not run away.

Stay calm and either hold your ground or back away slowly while facing the lion and standing upright. If a mountain lion moves in your direction or acts aggressively, try to appear larger by raising your arms and, if you are wearing one, opening your jacket. Wave your arms slowly and speak firmly in a loud voice. These actions are designed to convince the mountain lion that a) you're not prey and b) you may be a danger to the lion.

If the mountain lion continues to approach you, then it's recommended to throw stones, branches, or whatever you can find to scare it away.

The best advice for anyone who happens to see a mountain lion in South Dakota? Give the big cat its space. Chances are the mountain lion is more afraid of you than you are of the mountain lion!

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