Every once in a while we hear reports of wildlife showing up in places you might not normally see them. Like, if we said, a Mountain Lion was spotted in downtown Sioux Falls you might scratch your head a bit and say, hey, pump the brakes. So, when you hear of one being spotted in Springfield, South Dakota it might not be that unusual of an occurrence.

Recently, a big cat was caught on camera near the Mike Durfee State Prison in the quiet little border town of Springfield on the Southern border of South Dakota near the Missouri River. According to a story printed earlier today on KYNT.com;

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According to Springfield Police Chief Doug McGee, the mountain lion was sighted early Wednesday morning at 2:00 am on the south side of the Mike Durfee State Prison in Springfield. The mountain lion was spotted on one of the prison security cameras.

Now, a siting like a Mountain Lion isn't common in Springfield, it's not unheard of McGee also mentioned that they do spot one every once in a while. That said, he encouraged residents of Springfield to keep an eye on pets and young children, especially after dark.

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