Take a picture and plug in a paragraph behind it. A picture and a paragraph can say quite a bit. Especially when you pair that paragraph with a photo that can get you almost hyperventilating just by looking at it.

Cast aside all Coronavirus or COVID-19 talk and consider if you will compare your legs with maybe mid-September of 2019. You remember the days. When you could see the tan lines, or the tan streaks caused by your sandals on your feet when you were in the shower. Or that stark tan line around your ankle if you are one of those who wear short sox. Chances are if you remember that day, you most likely know the horror and shock when you saw your legs, uncovered for the first time today.

The warm weather brings out the lighter colored in all of us. Last I checked, tanning shops are closed down. So we're all going to have to wait for warmer weather. And a little time turning those white legs, into something Mid Summer Looking!

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