Interesting story in the St. Cloud Times newspaper. Apparently the latest thing among college students is finding a Sugar Daddy or Mommy to help pay student loans.

They call them Sugar Babies. And according to the article, it's becoming quite common across the state of Minnesota.

If you're not familiar with a sugar baby, it's someone who "enters into a relationship predicated on the receipt of monetary gifts or expensive items."

The article states that 66 students at St. Cloud State University alone are registered on

That's a dating website geared toward connecting sugar babies with sugar daddies and sugar mommies and vice versa.

And St. Cloud State isn't the only Minnesota school with students looking to "make an arrangement."

The College of St. Benedict and St. John's University has 12 registered student users on the site. St. Cloud Technical & Community College has six.

The University of Minnesota - Duluth, again according to the article, has 95 registered students on the website.

But the Minnesota school with the most sugar babies - the University of Minnesota. In fact, the U-of-M ranks as the 16th fastest-growing sugar baby school in the nation.

Arizona State ranks #1, followed by Temple University and then New York University.

I'd be curious to know if and how many registered sugar babies there are here in South Dakota. I'm betting there's at least one or two (wink, wink).

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