When I read CheatSheet's article on the worst professions to pay off college debt, I was struck by a couple of things. First of all, the sheer cost of upper education is staggering, (depending on the course of study you pursue). And secondly, most of the jobs they examined and concluded were not going to help you speedily pay off that mountain of borrowed money, are careers requiring dedication, long hours and love of the line of work you've chosen.

I've selected the top 5 worst jobs to share here, but there is a complete list of fifteen for you to browse through. CheatSheet arrived at this list by looking at the ROI (return on investment) rates gathered by Bankrate.com and Payscale.com. These figuress were garnered from the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Here then are the Top 5 Worst Jobs listed with median income and length of time it will take to pay off school loans.

  1. Marriage & Family Therapist - $46,670 - almost 35 years
  2. Reporter - $37,090 - about 30 years
  3. Veterinarian - $84,460 - almost 28 years
  4. Teacher (elementary only) - $43,400 - approximately 24 years
  5. Librarian - $55,370 - almost 23 years

Worth it or not? I imagine it all depends on your devotion to these occupations and how willing you are to put yourself and your parents under long-time financial stress.

Source: CheatSheet.com

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