Growing up as a country kid, I have many fond memories around the campfire with my family almost every night during the summertime under the open sky.

We would tell stories and roast marshmallows to make smores of course but my favorite part was when mom would bring out the copper pipe with the last little bit of green garden hose in it.

What does a copper pipe with some holes drilled into it and a piece of garden hose have to do with a campfire you may ask? Well, it actually changes the fire's different flames into a beautiful mixture of green, blue, and even purple fire.

Mom would add this to the base of the fire's flames and just let it go as the last thing for the evening as a form of grand finale.

And when all the color had dissipated from the flames we let the fire die out naturally.

Then the next day she would retrieve the copper pipe from the fire pit, dust away the ashes from the pipe, and then get a new piece of garden hose for next time we wanted a colorful fire.

Pretty cheap way to impress the kids huh? Your welcome. :)

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