(Heads up. This story may contain a bit of Satire. Ok. Maybe more than a bit.) 

Remember the thrill of getting up at the crack of dawn and going shopping on Black Friday. You know, remember the long line at Starbucks, then off to cart banging with the gang. Then the mid-day lunch to brag about the deals you scored for waiting in line or sending multiple people to multiple sites to score Christmas gifts. And don't forget the complaining of aggressive shoppers! 

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Christmas 2021 has all the makings of being 'something different and perhaps one for the ages. Chip shortages for vehicles, supply chain 'issues', and basic COVID hangover issues continue to morph and modify the way we as consumers behave and certainly the way businesses sell. Case and point, Walmart. They announced today they will start their Black Friday Deals a bit early. Like November 3rd early.

Want to be first in line? You can do that. According to CNET; early access for members of its subscription delivery service Walmart Plus.

So, what's going on?  Perhaps a little building of their existing database of customers they can reach directly and show them the bargains, first; CNET further explained;

Walmart's first Black Friday sale will start online on Nov. 3 and in stores on Nov. 5, with Walmart Plus members getting access to deals from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET on Nov. 3. The sale will focus on toys and electronics, as well as vehicle tires.

There you go. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a set of tires for the ride. And now, from the 'but wait, there's more, Target and Amazon are set to follow suit with offering deals early.

So what's up? In my opinion, and you know how much that's worth, these mega box behemoths probably actually have a few items collecting dust in their warehouses. I know that doesn't sound possible, but I imagine there are a few holdovers from last year or at least pre-COVID, box em up and ship them out the door early.

I would imagine by pushing the online portion we can expect fewer checkout lanes with real people checking and more Christmas, showing up in a cardboard box. Early.

Thank you for sharing this story with your Facebook and Twitter friends. And thank you even more for 'shopping local this Holiday Season. I'll bet your Local Retailer would be more than happy to wrap something for gift-giving up early this year!

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