For years people have looked for that little something extra to do for a loved one for Valentine's Day. Sure, you have the flowers, and maybe something sweet to eat, perhaps a bottle of wine. For years though, people from all over the world have gone through Valentine Nebraska to get something special, for their special Valentine.

For years, people have been sending their Valentine, to Valentine, Nebraska so their special card can be specially posted for the special recipient.

According to Valentine Word;

Each year, around five-thousand romantics from all over the country send their Valentine’s Day letters to the Valentine post office in order to have it stamped with that years Valentine Postmark. Cards also receive printed messages such as “With Love from Valentine, NE.” An official Valentine greeting card can also be purchased during this time, and each year’s design is chosen from designs submitted by the people of the town.

You can send your letter to Valentine’s Day Postmark, Postmaster, 239 N. Hall St., Valentine NE 69201-9998. There is no charge for the postmark.

By the way, Valentine also has special events planned for Valentine's Day. So, if you were looking for a unique road trip with you and your sweetie, it's not too far away! (240 miles from Sioux Falls)

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