There is a gal going viral for taking her suitcase on wheels to shop at a local Aldi store. She is using it rather than taking her own grocery bags. Ingenious!

It seems about every time I go to the grocery store I forget to bring in my reusable cloth grocery bags. I'm so going to try this lady's life hack!

Why not use a suitcase rather than all those cloth grocery bags when doing your food shopping?

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The Aldi suitcase lady still uses a shopping cart to pick out her grocery items. But after she checks out and it's time to bag everything she just unzips her carry-on bag and packs it with her purchases. Love it!

How come no one has thought of this before? It just makes a lot of sense to use your suitcases on wheels for your grocery shopping.

How often do you use your luggage in a year's time? For the average American, it's what, maybe on a couple of trips?

Why not just toss your carry-on bag with the wheels into your trunk so it's handy when you stop for groceries.

If you are going to be stocking up on more stuff you can use your big suitcase on wheels. Just wheel that sucker in. Snug it in under the grocery cart.

And after you get outta the checkout line pack all your purchases into a big Samsonite and roll it back to your vehicle. Smooth!


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