Is it legal to take your kid to a bar in Minnesota to demystify the drinking experience before they move out of the house and head out into the world?

I've heard folks say it's smart to take your kid out to a bar because they are going to do it anyway when they move out of the home.

But is it legal for anyone who is not 21 to drink alcohol in a Minnesota bar? Even if the underage patron is handed the drink or beer by their parent?

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When I lived in Minnesota I understood that this was a thing.

Let's say your kid turned 18 and was heading off to college where you know they are going to be parties. Would it be a good idea to maybe take your offspring out to experience a little nightlife while under your watchful supervision?

Maybe...but according to Minnesota State law “a minor is allowed to have and to drink alcohol with their parent's permission but ONLY if it's in the privacy of the parent's or guardian's home.”

But let's say your little angel wants to make some extra cash while working on a college degree? Can they work or even be in a bar to earn a paycheck in Minnesota?

Minnesota state law says “a minor 18 years or older may enter a part of a licensed business to perform work for the business as an employee, eat a meal, or attend a social event that is not in an area of the business that sells alcohol.”


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