Over a third of the revenues to South Dakota state government in 2012 came from the federal government, according to a new study by the U.S. Census Bureau.

For state revenues in 2012, according to Census Bureau, $1.63 billion of South Dakota’s $4.351 billion revenues came from Uncle Sam.

Meanwhile, local units of government received far less largess from the federal government, receiving only 5 percent of their revenues from Washington, D.C. The Census Bureau numbers show that of the $3.258 billion in revenues to local government in South Dakota in 2012, only $187 million came from the federal government.

However, local units of government did receive 23 percent of their revenues from Pierre. The Census Bureau study says the state sent $757 million to local units of government in 2012. Nationally during 2012, the Census Bureau says state governments took in $1.907 trillion in revenue, with $533 billion of that coming from the federal government or 27 percent.

Local governments nationally took in $1.615 trillion, with $539 billion or 33 percent, with another $70 billion or 4 percent coming from the states.