It's hard to get a grip on all of the happenings and storylines of a busy opening weekend of College Football, but the dust has officially settled as the first in season AP Top 25 has been released.

There are a lot of interesting movements within the rankings, which included predictable falls for Notre Dame and Utah to name a few.

One surprising result over the weekend and subsequent ranking change is that of the Florida Gators. After an upset win over then #7 Utah, the Gators find themselves from unranked to the #12 team in the country.

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Here is the complete poll, courtesy of

1. Alabama (44)1-0
2. Georgia (17)1-0
3. Ohio State (2)1-0
4. Michigan1-0
5. Clemson1-0
6. Texas A&M1-0
7. Oklahoma1-0
8. Notre Dame0-1
9. Baylor1-0
10. USC1-0
11. Oklahoma State1-0
12. Florida1-0
13. Utah0-1
14. Michigan State1-0
15. Miami1-0
16. Arkansas1-0
17. Pittsburgh1-0
18. NC State1-0
19. Wisconsin1-0
20. Kentucky1-0
21. BYU1-0
22. Ole Miss1-0
23. Wake Forest1-0
24. Tennessee1-0
25. Houston1-0

Others receiving votes: Oregon 131, Penn State 122, Texas 118, Cincinnati 63, Florida State 42, UCF 22, Fresno State 22, Minnesota 22, Kansas State 18, Auburn 15, Mississippi State 10, Air Force 8, Oregon State 5, North Carolina 3, South Carolina 2, Purdue 1, UCLA 1, Arizona 1

Oregon and Cincinnati are the two teams that dropped out of the poll after week 1 defeats, and Tennessee and the aforementioned Florida Gators are new to the poll this week.

We'll see what happens this coming weekend to shake up these rankings, as there are 3 ranked-ranked matchups on the weekend schedule.

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If the world was divided into Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune people, I would be down for Jeopardy! all the way. It's a lot more fun, it makes me feel smart because I can retain lots of trivia, and I am a horrible speller. So Wheel is out, no whammies.

Recently I discovered (I mean wasted a lot of time on) a website that is an archive of clues that have been on Jeopardy!.

While digging around the archive, I wanted to find out how often Sioux Falls came up in a question (Answer) on the show. Since 1990 Sioux Falls has been part of a question or an answer 13 times.


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