There have been a lot of questions surrounding the dress code policy of an O'Gorman High School student who was asked to cut his hair. There was also a specific question with regard to whether or not any other O'Gorman High School students were also asked to cut their hair.

In an exclusive statement, O'Gorman High School explains that 14-year-old freshman Braxton Schafer was one of "numerous students" asked to cut his hair. A representative from the academic institution also explains that Braxton is not the only student that sports dreadlocks.

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Like many other private institutions in the Sioux Empire and country, O'Gorman High School enforces a dress code for students to follow. This dress code does include hair length and appropriate hairstyles. O'Gorman High School notes the dress code policy is always subject to change every 5 years.

This dress code is reevaluated every five years with input from all stakeholdersIn 2018, 80% of parents said that the dress code requirement regarding male hair length should remain a part of the dress codeThe dress code allows for culturally appropriate hairstyles such as dreadlocksMultiple students at our school have dreadlocks that meet the dress code policyThe dress code addresses the length of hair for males and states, Males must keep hair length above the eyes and not touching the collar."  It is a common practice at the beginning of the school year to have to visit with numerous students about the length of their hair.

Officials from O'Gorman High School have made efforts to speak with Braxton's parents to address this dress code violation. But O'Gorman High School never told Braxton's parents that he has to transfer schools.

Despite representations to the contrary, at no time did school administrators tell the parents that if the student did not cut his hair he would have to leave or be expelled.

O'Gorman High School wants Braxton to remain in its school and hopes to find a resolution with his parents.

You can read the official statement from O'Gorman High School by clicking this link: attachment-KXRB_DressCodeStatement

The original story about Braxton can be found here.


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