UPDATE: The ride-share company Uber has been granted a license to begin operations in the city of Sioux Falls. A sales tax license was issued from the state of South Dakota.

Uber is just another option for riders wanting transportation in Sioux Falls where Lyft already operates. Lyft has been in service since late October of 2017.

First came the regular taxi service. Then the Sioux Area Metro bus service. And just a couple of year’s back it was Lyft setting up service here in the Sioux Empire. Are you ready for one more? According to Siouxfalls.Business Uber now wants a piece of the ride-sharing service.

I can honestly say that the only other transportation option I've chosen was from a friend, neighbor or coworker. Now the Sioux Falls area will plenty of choices to get a ride to the airport, downtown, to the mall or go out to eat.

Siouxfalls.Business writes that Uber has received its sales tax license this week from the state of South Dakota.

Any time of day or night throughout the city you will see either a private taxi or shuttle service from a hotel. And then the vehicles with that little blue logo light in the windshield. And of course the big buses from Sioux Area Metro that run mostly daylight hours.

How will residents and visitors react to Uber? Is Sioux Falls big enough for all these players?

Siouxfalls.Business also pointed out that Uber offers Uber Eats which is a food-delivery service. And then there is the freight service, business transportation service and partnerships with health care organizations. So it's more than just a ride-share business.

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