City Election season is underway in the City of Sioux Falls. Officially, the day Sioux Falls residents can vote is Tuesday, April 12th.  However if you decide to vote early or cast an absentee ballot, then you can vote beginning Monday, March 28th (today).

Voting is a crucial part of our democracy. One Sioux Falls transportation system recognizes the importance of voting.  In an effort to accommodate voters who want to vote early, the agency is offering free rides for Sioux Falls residents who need transportation to their designated polling places.

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Beginning today through Monday, April 11th, Sioux Area Metro (S.A.M.) will be offering free bus rides during early voting season for the Sioux Falls municipal election. According to a recent press release from Sioux Area Metro:

Early voters who need a ride can use Route 6 or Route 8 to reach the Minnehaha County Administration Building to vote at the Auditor’s Office. Free daily passes will be provided to any rider who uses one of the nearby bus stops at Fifth Street and Minnesota Avenue if they plan to vote early in the upcoming election.

This simple gesture from the Sioux Area Metro goes a long way in giving everyone in Sioux Falls the opportunity to vote. The Sioux Falls municipal election is just as important as other elections. This is the chance for residents to choose their leaders.

If you plan to vote on Tuesday, April 12th, click here to locate your polling place and view a sample ballot.

Get out and vote!


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