Tyler Rich and his fiancee, Sabina Gadecki, aim to become one of country music's most beloved couples in a super sweet behind-the-scenes video for his debut single, "The Difference."

The official video chronicles Rich and Gadecki's love story as they evolve from friends into something more, and fans get to see how it all came together in the above behind-the-scenes clip, which shows the couple's real-life chemistry developing. "

I think the music video shows a lot of personality between us, but I feel like there's even more personality between us behind the scenes," Rich tells Taste of Country.

This personality shines through in a myriad of playful interactions between them, especially when Gadecki asks Rich to sing "The Difference" with her in the opening of the video and when the singer jokes that he's a better actor than his fiancee (a professional actress who has starred in a variety of films and TV shows, like Entourage and Law & Order). "

Then I'm a better singer than you," she jokes back. The video is like a step back in time for the couple, who recreated some of the conversations they had when they first started dating, like Rich telling her about his horror movie obsession and trying to convince her to watch some of his favorites.

Rich says the best part of making "The Difference" video was creating lifelong memories alongside his fiancee and their dogs, Abby and Charlee. "I love it. It's like our little family on one little music video," he notes. "We'll forever have this three minute time capsule that 20 years from now when we have a whole different life, we can always look back at this three minutes of exactly what it really was like when her and I met each other."

"The Difference" is his introduction to country fans and just went to country radio, and the newcomer is hoping it makes waves. He was immediately drawn to the tuneful track that reminds him of his west coast roots. "It had a certain kind of swag that I identify as my own brand of California country that I'm introducing into this market," Rich says.

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