I bought a collector’s edition Karate Kid DVD because it came with a Karate Kid headband. I already had the movie, but didn’t have the headband. Yes I am that kind of nerd.

There are many reasons the Karate Kid movie worked so well in my mind, but we can talk for hours about that some other time.

I am not at all disappointed to see the reboots of so many TV shows and movies I grew up with. I am not sure I need all of them, but will settle taking the good with the bad if it means we can have some more leg sweeping, and board breaking back in our lives.

I was walking into the movie theatre last weekend to see Ready Player One, when I saw the headband from Karate Kid pull my eyes in like a magnet.

I have seen trailers teasing us with Johnny and Daniel Son facing off, but in the age of marketing techniques I can’t bank it’s happening until I see it is official. I am still having a hard time forgiving the people behind the Crocodile Dundee Super Bowl commercial.

The movie poster that caught my eye read: Cobra Kai Premier Event featuring The Karate Kid in select movie theatres April 25th only.

I can tell you where this adult kid will be on the 25th rocking the headband and rooting for crane kicks, and Cobra Kai antics from the back row.

Looks like we get the 1984 classic on the big screen and the first two episodes of the new series Cobra Kai.

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