Tyler Farr is a tough guy, but even he'll admit that even he is a tad afraid of one of his fellow country artists: Lee Brice.

That's what six feet and three inches of man can do.

Featured in Taste of Country's latest installment of micro-interview series Last Question, the "Love By the Moon" singer also comes clean about his favorite song to perform, what he would do if he weren't a musician and what he loves, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

We'll spare you the suspense — he loves both.

Taste of Country's Ania Hammar also badgered Farr about the advice he'd give to musicians aspiring to be stars in this crazy genre. Before seeking much-deserved shelter in his tour bus, Farr advises it's a good idea to not be a jerk.

While the sixty-second deluge of questions is all in good fun, there was one that seemed to stop Farr in his tracks: Who would he love to have five more minutes with? He gives a very heartwarming answer.

Before you know it, Farr saying goodbye to Hammar with a jokey "Get out of here!"

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