Tyler Farr fought a bear and lived to tell the tale — at least, that's how his new tattoo makes it look. The "A Guy Walks Into a Bar" hitmaker is now sporting vicious arm ink that he calls a "grizzly bear scar tattoo.

"When in Vegas ... get that grizzly bear scar tattoo you’ve been talking bout getting for 3 years,” Farr writes in a post on Sunday (June 3) alongside a downright gnarly pic of his new tattoo.

The picture, which is almost hard to look at, got many of his Instagram followers talking. "I’m just wondering like how bad it hurts," one says. "Because if it does hurt like I think it is than I'm never getting a tattoo. But that tattoo does looks really cool."

Another user says: "Makes me want to get out the first aid kit and patch you up."


You have to give credit to Farr, who has long been known to be one of the toughest in country music. But he also has quite a heart  — the same heart that is beautifully on display in his new single, "Love by the Moon," which was written by Ross Ellis Lipsey, James McNair and Chris Stevens, and produced by Sugarland’s Kristian Bush.

“Me and my wife Hannah have been married for a year and a half now, and this song is for her,” Farr says of his new single. "We live in the country and enjoy our lives together on the farm. I’m away from home a lot. So, when I do get time at home, I make those days count and don’t take one for granted."

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