It died a slow death beginning in 1998 I guess.

So long Encyclopedia. Bye bye dictionary. See ya later road map. Farewell any book, sheet, magazine or pamphlet that you used to get information.

Google has come to town.

Prior to 1998 if someone would have told you to 'Google it', you would have probably thought you were getting sworn at in some foreign language. Now 'Google' is as familiar a word as 'and', 'but', 'this' and 'that'.

Need to know...well, anything and everything?

Google it. That's all. Just Google it.

It was twenty years ago in 1998 that Google began creeping into our vocabulary (if for some reason you don't know what 'vocabulary' is just Google it). Suddenly, or maybe not so suddenly, those reference books you used to page through gathered a layer of dust.

Google began life as a research project and grew into the behemoth that we know today. A couple guys at Stanford University (I didn't know them, I went to Austin Minnesota Vo-Tech) started it and here's a 'did you know'...they intended to name is Googol (which is the number 1 followed by 100 zeros), but they misspelled it.

Oh, don't worry, it seems to have worked out alright.

Google originally based out of a garage. I don't think it's there anymore. Google I mean, heck the garage is probably still standing tall and firm.

So for those of us of a certain age, the world changed in 1998, I suppose much like it did when our Grandfather's said 'Whoa' to 'ol Nellie pullin' the plow and saw their first tractor.

So when exactly was the first tractor introduced? I don't know, but give me a second...I'll Google it.

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