I love it when listeners send us e-mail. Especially when they include pictures of something they, or someone in their family has been doing.

You might have seen this happen recently at the Turner County Fair.  Check this e-mail out.

I am a faithful listener of KIKN every day on my commute from Hurley to Sioux Falls for work.

Heard you talking about the Demo Derby last night this morning & wondered if you would be interested in a short little story about one of the drivers in the Chain Class last night?


Dan Nielsen, my 64 year old husband,  who came out of Derby Retirement last night; took 2nd place.  He was in the very 1st Demo Derby that the Fair had in 1967.


Attached is one picture;


If interested just let me know & I will send you more info & pictures & if not; then that’s sure ok.

Thanks & keep up that GREAT music every morning!


Of course it's ok!  We love to know what our listeners are up to!  If you have something you'd like to put up on the braggin' board, KIKN.com, just click it, and ship it off today to jdcollins@kikn.com.

We would love to hear from you too!

More just came in!  Here's a pic sent in by Kristi!

It said...

Our friend "Cowboy" (Mark Steinfurth) called this am around 6 after someone called to talk to you about the derby at the TCF. Well Cowboy had called because you asked if anyone knew who the winner was to call....and apparently you wanted a pic. Well here is Lances car after the derby with his trophy!! :)

Pic by Kristi