If your plan is to plant a tree in your yard this spring, it may be difficult finding one. Garden experts are predicting a shortage.

Believe it or not, trees are the latest thing we can expect to see a shortage of, and garden experts say it's partially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dakota News Now is reporting, the possible tree shortage this spring and summer can be attributed to three different things, the high demand for trees over the past few years, Emerald Ash Borer hitting and decimating forests across the country, and the effect the pandemic has had on the people who work in fields and greenhouses. As a result of COVID, there is less product being produced, while the demand for trees remains high.

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According to Dakota News Now, local nurseries like Oakridge Nursery and Landscaping here in Sioux Falls predict they will have the same number of trees on hand as they do in most years, the problem, once they begin to sell out, it might be difficult to replenish the stock due to the high demand for trees and the difficulty in finding product.

Another local retailer, Lewis Drug, is also expecting a shortage of trees this season. Lewis Drug Category Manager, Doug Schroeder, told Dakota News Now,  “There just isn’t that much product out there, we do the best we can to source, but right now if you see something, you should buy it, that goes for all plant material."

Finding your ideal tree this season could prove to be a little more challenging than in years past due to the predicted shortages. That's why many nurseries are recommending you don't hesitate when it comes to buying a tree you like. Chances are, it won't last long.

Now, if the weather would just warm up enough to allow people to get out in their yards and gardens, right? Hopefully, that will take a turn for the better soon as well.

Source: Dakota News Now

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