The winter snow tells a story if you take a moment and look around. After a light fluffy snow and temperatures that have seemingly dropped off the face of the earth it's a good time to get outside and take a look around. We aren't the only ones battling the cold weather, the wildlife around the area is having to work harder too.

The studios of our radio station cluster are situated along a creek is fed from a warm water source. It's been open, even on the coldest of days. My window looks out over the creek. I've seen deer, ducks, geese hawks, miscellaneous birds,  a fox, rabbits, a couple of feral cats, raccoons  and even a Bald Eagle.  All this just outside my office window. The cover and the open water source bring them in.

The other morning I was looking out the front window of the studio. Where there is little snow, you see rabbit scat and last nights lunch site eating grass. If you look at the shrubs around the building, you see where the rabbits have had to dine on the bark of the trees.

For us, it's a quick trip to the grocery store or simply getting up to adjust the thermostat or clicking a button and having the car start from the warm house. For the animals and livestock outside, it's been a grind of a winter. We're all waiting for spring.

I'd love to hear from  you, or see any photos you may have that show wildlife in your area penned up or struggling with the continued weather.

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