The Moon, Earth, and Sun will line up for a total lunar eclipse this weekend. The eclipse starts Sunday night or early Monday, depending on where you're at. It's the only time over the next two years that a total lunar eclipse will occur.

In addition to a total lunar eclipse, the moon will also be closer to Earth and appear slightly bigger and brighter than usual, making it look red - sometimes known as a Supermoon or Blood Moon.

The whole eclipse starts Sunday night / early Monday, depending on your location and will be visible in both North and South America, along with a few other countries, and will take about three hours for the entire process to occur.

Here in the upper midwest, the partial phase officially begins at around 9:34 PM Central Time Sunday night, and with most schools closed Monday for Martin Luther King Day, you'll be able to let the kids stay up late to see it.

Source: Associated Press

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