I'm jealous of our friends who live in the country, away from the bright lights. Especially when it comes to the night sky. Those who are fortunate enough to live away from light pollution, even here in Sioux Falls get to see so much more than we do living in the city.

If you are one of those people who look up to the sky and wonder what's out there, tonight should be interesting. You've heard of a Blood Moon, and Blue Moon but what about a Black Moon. Tonight you can go outside and howl at the Black Moon. According to CNN.com;

A black moon is basically the second new moon of the month, something that rarely occurs. It works similarly to a Leap Year. A lunar cycle typically takes about 29 days to complete, but our months are slightly longer. So sometimes, about every 32 months, we happen to get two full moons or two new moons. The second full moon in a month is called a blue moon, and the second new moon is called a black moon.

So tonight, when you're out for your walk and look up in the sky, make a mental note that nights like tonight don't happen often.

But a black moon also refers to a month where there are no new moons -- which is only possible in February because of its fewer days. This is less common than the other type of black moon, and occurs about once a decade.

So, what happens tonight when you look up in the sky? Probably not much. A new moon means not much moon to look at.

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