South Dakota has some of the most spectacular cities and towns in the country. We also have our share of unique names of cities and towns.

I think Sioux Falls is rightly named. But then we have those that make you do an eye-roll and that creese between your eyes gives you a headache.

Like Athol. It's just south of Aberdeen. Not much there either. I couldn't even find a logical definition for this. Others on my list of Odd Named South Dakota towns:

  • Zell
  • Turton
  • Tulare
  • Loomis
  • Ferney
  • Deadwood

Along with Athol four of those are all in Sping County!

Then we have towns with people names like Bruce, Chester, Gary, Henry, Irene, Martin, Philip, Webster, Kimball and don't forget Brandon.

When you think of water, of course Watertown, Bridgewater, Dell Rapids, Bath and Sioux Falls comes up again. And we have some with Springs and Lake too.

And for more, check out the Travel Channel for more Towns with Unusual Names.

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