Several of you may have a significant other working from home and therefore their vehicle isn't used as much. That's one of the main reasons for me using my wife's car. Would I like to drive it more often? Nope!

After driving a full-size SUV for several years, her car is just too small. It sits so low to the ground I feel like I'm in a peddle car from when I was growing up. There we have it. The number one reason why I won't drive my wife's car. And yes there are other reasons.

Reason number two, three, four, and five: I forget to push the seatback. I forget to put her pillow back. I forget to turn off the AC or the heat. And I probably messed with the radio. Okay, guilty!

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Now let's get to the reason why I drove her car. Just this last weekend: I cleaned off the snow. I used it to pick up some groceries. I filled it with gas. Oh, and I got it washed while the weather was so nice. And then I picked up dinner.

All in all, everything was a wash.

And I scored brownie points.

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