We are in the hight of the summer wedding season. If you've ever been involved in planning a wedding you know there are plenty of opportunities for conflict.

Recently The Knot posted their list of the Top 10 Wedding Fights Engaged Couples Have. Can you relate to some of these?

1. Your families have different guest lists, and aren't chipping in accordingly.

2. Your partner doesn't seem to care about wedding planning at all (and you're scared it's a reflection of how much they care about your relationship).

3. You'd prefer to spend more money on wedding fixings (like your dress), and your partner would prefer to spend that cash on the honeymoon.

4. Your partner isn't making an effort to understand the traditions of your religion.

5. You and your partner can't agree on the wedding aesthetics (aka, things like color palettes and candle placements),

6. You can't decide where you should get married.

7. You're worried your partner will get too drunk at your wedding (primarily because his crazy college friends are groomsmen).

8. Your partner is calling you out for your bridezilla behavior.

9. Your partner wants a prenup.

10. Your partner's good friends with an ex and wants them to attend the wedding.

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