Tomato time is here. Finally! Every year I wait for that magical time of the year when you actually get tomatoes that taste, like tomatoes! Now, I have grown to love the taste of  a tomato and tomatoes are one of my favorite foods in the world, but you can tell by the way I've referenced the word, the spelling of it has always freaked me out a bit.

According to writing explained dot org:

  • The correct plural spelling is tomatoes.
  • Tomatos is a common misspelling.

Tomatoes, its plural form, means more than one tomato.

I feel better knowing that. A little better. Not sure I'll remember it in the future, but for now Tomato and Tomatoes is how I'll roll.

Shout out to our neighbor down the street 'Carol.' She heard me talking about Tomatoes on the air the other day and said, what do you think of this one? It was huge! So, it got me wondering. How's your garden growing this year. Big tomatoes? Cucumbers? I'd love to hear. Send pics or download them using our new KIKN App.

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