What's with our love for toilet paper? In 500 years when they look back at the world, they'll giggle as they gather for dinner and say things like, what were 'they' thinking back then.

The pandemic had people all over South Dakota and around the world scrambling to clean up after doing their business. The look of panic was very real on people's faces when toilet paper started its decline of availability due to hoarding. What did people do with their extra butt wipe? Build a fort for the kids with it? Stash it shamefully in a closet?

Here's how crazy it got at our house. Someone, who I will not name here, went so far as to order a BOX of this sandpaper-like substance, just in case we couldn't find more. This stuff was terrible. Rough and worst of all it came in an awkward size roll you couldn't even put on the roller. Yep. For one year, we had to throw the 'one-handed swirl in the air to peel off a little for each use.

This stuff was rough. How rough? You could sand that dresser you've been wanting to refinish in the garage with it! It was finally gone. And then the headline reads today that both Walmart and Costco are limiting the purchase of the precious hinny wipe to two rolls per purchase. Costco has actually been limiting access to two rolls for about a month now. 

This can only mean two things. Walmart and Costco get a bunch of return shoppers, or it's the start of another 'panic avalanche.' Here we go. What's it gonna be? Are you going to just chill and be alright, or will you be getting a call from the spouse with orders for you to pick some up on the way home from work today?

It doesn't matter if it's supply chain issues, or just people being people. Let the inventory taking...toilet paper roll math games begin!

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