It was brought to my attention years ago there are kids all over this world, and even in our backyards who need us to step up.

I am forever grateful for the man who had the courage to tell me this, and introduced me to so many kids who changed my life.

Today Thursday November 9th is  World Adoption Day, and everyone can be a part.

From World Adoption Days Website:

World Adoption Day is a day to celebrate family.   World Adoption Day is a day to raise awareness for adoption.   World Adoption Day is a day to raise funds to support families in their adoption.   Ambassadors from all over the world are organizing events and parties, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate World Adoption Day.   Join us as we create a day to celebrate the power and beauty of family brought together through adoption.

For more from World Adoption Day you cab go to their website here.

At the very least we can all take a picture with the smiley face on our hand, and post to social media with the hashtag #World Adoption Day.

Other options would be to just start having conversations about kids in the system, who rarely get the attention and awareness they deserve.

Finally if your moved to do so I would suggest hopping on google, and find organizations in you area who could use your help.

Adoption isn't going to be the path for everyone, but you will find there are so many ways to rally around these incredible kids.

Their life, and yours will be changed for the better.

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