There is nothing in the world that perturbs me more than someone following too close while I'm driving down the road. There is ONE thing that is equally creepy is someone following fairly close' and seemingly always at the same distance. As it turns out, there is a reason why. Technology.

According to Car and

"Adaptive cruise control uses advanced sensory technology to determine your car's speed in proximity to other vehicles or objects on or around the roadway."

I had my first experience a few years ago with ACC or Adaptive Cruise Control when a fellow was following me, at exactly four car lengths for what seemed like an eternity. I'd slow down, he'd slow down. I'd speed up, he would speed up. When I finally slowed WAY down, he passed. I noticed he had a newer car than mine and thought nothing of it. Then, I bought a new Honda Accord and figured out what was bothering me that day; he had Adaptive Cruise Control.

Adaptive Cruise Control works like this. I put my cruise on 40 miles on my way home. [in a 40 mph zone of course] Now, if the driver in front of me slows down to 35, you guessed it, I slow down as well. In fact, if I leave that 'technology on' and the driver comes to a stoplight, I slow down to a complete stop as well. Now, if I have it set at four car lengths, it will hold that distance.

I know, it's semi-creepy but I interpret this new technology as the first verse in the song that will eventually sing, 'the computer is driving the car.'  I think I've noticed several cars and SUVs 'daisy-chaining' on the way to work or the way home. That is probably what the future drive to work will look like.

I could go on. There are parts of the technology that I actually like and parts I don't like. But if you find the driver behind you, is close, and the same distance close regardless of how fast you drive, they may have similar technology and have it enabled.

And now you know.

Have you experienced Adaptive Cruise Control? Like it or hate it?  Let me know. You can email me anytime.

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