UPDATE: Jerry, from Jerry's Auto Sales in Lennox, said, let's keep that Tippin' with Kickin' thing going JD. So we did! Thanks to Jerry's for setting me up with another stack of 100's to give away during the Kickin' Country Cafe! Here's what it is, and how it works!

At Kickn' 100.5 we want to put a little cash in the pocket of your favorite server! We realize with the current situation that many servers at your favorite bar or restaurant are either struggling financially or in many cases out of work. Big towns, small towns, all over it's tough for these servers.  This is a way for you to show your appreciation and put a little money in that server's pocket!  All you have to do is nominate them.

We'd like to put a smile on your favorite servers face and better yet a $100 bill in their pocket. Here's how you can help. In the form below, put your name and email into the registration form. IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, put the name of the server you would like to see get a $100 tip. We don't usually ask for a phone number in our registrations, but I might call you and have you say a few things about your favorite server. If not, IN THE COMMENTS SECTION, write a few things about your favorite server and why you like them!

It will get better, but this might be a way to make it better, faster. Nominate your favorite server today and thanks for Tippin' with Kickin'! Kickin' 100.5.

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