Every day, after work I head home half starved and ready to eat something, NOW! Then, I get home and run to the fridge and grab the first thing available and scarf. Is that pretty close to what you do? Every day? Maybe not. But if your name is rover, or on our case Penny, the amazing pooping Great Dane Puppy you know that's exactly how she rolls.

We've done quite a bit of reading about Great Danes. It turns out they are prone to bloat which is due mostly to exercising vigorously after too soon or simply eating too fast.

So, what's a dog owner to do? Get your pooch a slow eat, anti gulping dog bowl. Ours is shaped kind of like those puzzles you get as a kid and have to draw your way from the entrance to exit.

Dogs instinctively scarf their food. It's bred into them. Only the strong survive. From getting pushed to the back nipple as a pup, to getting crowded out by a black lab named Molly, dogs eat FAST. This specialized bowl helps them slow down. It's a bit of a puzzle to get the food out of the dish.

Do you have a large dog that gulps their food land eats too fast. Head to your local pet store and check out these fancy dishes. They come in various shapes and sizes and your dog will appreciate it, when they lay down without a sore belly!


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