Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that really revolves around food. Often the most delicious meal one will eat each year is at Thanksgiving. But there are some foods that don't need to be there anymore.

Every Thanksgiving I have attended always has that one or two items that are neglected in the food line. While the massive vat of mashed potatoes is running low, a big bowl of something else has two or three scoops missing.

Coleslaw, Macaroni Salad, etc

Creamy Coleslaw

If you are going to a concert it is because of the headliner. You aren't there for the band no one has heard of before the second opener of whom you know one of their songs. You're there for the headliner. Cold pasta, macaroni salads, and coleslaw are essentially the local band in the audience dreaming of someday being the first of two openers on the bill before Taylor Swift finally comes out.

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Cranberry Sauce


I have to admit, I tried cranberry sauce on my turkey last year for the first time and I thought it was quite good. It was almost as good as gravy. But since gravy exists, is there really a reason to keep that cranberry sauce around? No, it's just going to get thrown away after it sits in the fridge until the week before Christmas.

Roasted (Boring) Turkey

evgenyb, ThinkStock Images

I like turkey. It looks fantastic fresh out of the oven like a picture in a magazine, but it needs help once it is on your plate. Unless an absolute expert made it, which I am not, it's usually dry and bland. Since it is already better when it is put into other dishes in infinite ways, why not prepare the bird in a good way without adding gravy, barbecue sauce, or the obsolete cranberry sauce?


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