The uncertainty regarding the Sioux Falls garbage pickup situation just got cleaned up.

People here in the Sioux Empire now know where they can place their cans thanks to a Sioux Falls City Council vote on Tuesday night.

According to Dakota News Now, the council approved a new garbage pickup ordinance via a 6 to 2 vote during their (November 16) city council meeting.

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The new ordinance calls for all garbage haulers to now provide at least two different levels of service for their clients, either curbside or valet.

There was a degree of confusion regarding garbage pickup with residents of the Sioux Empire, mostly due in part to a restriction that was lifted during the pandemic.

Prior to the start of the pandemic, the city ordinance stated that people were prohibited from leaving their trash cans along the curb. That ordinance was temporarily lifted during the early days of the pandemic to make garbage pickup easier for the various garbage haulers in the city.

As Dakota News Now reports, once the city reinstated the rule, many residents expressed a great deal of confusion regarding the garbage pickup policy. City officials said they received a number of calls and emails from people claiming they were never aware the curbside pickup ordinance even existed.

Council members are hoping this new garbage pickup ordinance will help to provide much more clarity for both residents and haulers.

Thanks to this new ordinance, you have to wonder if garbage haulers will now begin to offer different price points for their various levels of service?

Hmm? I guess we will soon find out.

Source: Dakota News Now


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