You never know who might be on the other end of the line. Or who they might be calling for. That's what happened to Missy Fischer last week when she took a call. She told me, the caller was a horse trainer, looking to possibly buy a horse, for a 'high profile buyer.'

Missy Fischer raises AQHA and Paint horses on a farm south of Wagner, South Dakota. Now, in fairness, the internet has shrunk the world of just about everything. Horse buying included. It turned out that Lauren Akins, wife of Thomas Rhett was the 'possible buyer.'

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Missy told me in a phone interview that Lauren came with her mom, the trainer. They came thinking they were going to buy one horse.

Fischer said on the phone: we were talking about the horse they were interested in a horse that Thomas might get on and ride and get into the equine world. When they got to the place, Missy told me they decided on a horse that might be a better match for the skill level of the riders. They looked over the list of other candidates and decided on THREE new horses.

So, what did they buy? They took home a big bay roan Paint horse and a smaller do anything horse, then Willa Grey fell in love with a little paint horse that Missy thought would be a good match for Willa and the kids.

Fischer said;

It's all about pairing the right horse with the right rider. I always try to send my horses to Great homes. I want to make sure they get a lifetime horse and that horse will be a good fit for the family. For a long, long time.

Fischer said the sale did come with a perk as she received tickets for the Thomas Rhett show and sat in the second row!

Lauren Rhett Instagram photo of new horses.
Lauren Rhett Instagram photo of new horses.

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