Isn't Spring Break coming up? Ha, and this time of year many beach resorts are usually planning for college students and snowbirds from the northern part of the country. Not this week. Surfboards, boogie boards, and swim fins will be not be recommended.

The view from Galveston, Texas this morning looked pretty grim with the beaches white with snow. And the temperature was 21 degrees. Now, I know what you're thinking. They have it pretty good compared to Sioux Falls right?

While Sioux Falls just set a record for dropping down to 25 below zero, should we feel sorry for the Texans? Oh, I know they experience a ton of severe weather-related events like tornados, flooding, and drought. But it's so unusual to see snow on the coastal region of Texas.

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In fact, according to the National Weather Service, our low temp has bottomed out just like today over 100 times since 1893.

The high temp today in Sioux Falls may reach -5. Balmy Galveston will climb to 24 ABOVE zero.

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