Your current vehicle is staying your current vehicle much longer than you anticipated.

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Prices of new cars and trucks are at all-time highs. The demand for a new ride is also at an all-time high. Plus, the supply is at an all-time low.

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You drive onto any Sioux Falls card dealer's lot and you scratch your head wondering if they are even open. Well, yes they are.

Our parents and grandparents would spend their money having a car serviced and repaired more as opposed to trading it in after only so many miles.

But times have changed with newer, more sophisticated models and features. Again, the choices and personal needs of consumers lead them to trade-up.

When you look around at the older models cruising the streets of Sioux Falls you most likely see some dings and rust. These could be well-seasoned cars with over 200,000 miles.

In a recent study of more than 14.9 million cars, the longest-lasting car to reach that mark here in South Dakota is the Chevrolet Suburban. Overall the Toyota Land Cruiser tops the list on the survey.

How many of you drive a 2003 model vehicle? I do. It may be showing age on the outside but luckily nothing has fallen off. Under the hood, with regular service, it keeps on running.


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