If there was a lesson to learn in 2020, then it would be to always appreciate what you have and be kind to others.  You truly never know what a person could be experiencing until you put yourself in his/her shoes.  That's exactly what a group of Sioux Falls leaders in the community did last Thursday night, October 21st.

Ten people from Sioux Falls came together at the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House to participate in the 7th annual "Night of Hope" event. The purpose of this evening was to raise awareness for the homeless in our community by spending the night outdoors and living like you had nothing but a cardboard box. Ten complete strangers formed a bond in just one night after an eye-opening experience. I was one of these ten individuals sleeping outside.

The "Night of Hope" event is something that only a few people can say they have experienced.  We took time out of our lives to see life from another perspective.  The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House staff provided us with food, a tour of the facilities, a walk around the neighborhood, and even stories from guests that lived at the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House. It was an emotional evening, but it was so enlightening to learn about an issue that truly needs our help and support.

The homeless simulation was a real-life experience.  Here's a little look at what it's really like to be homeless in Sioux Falls.

2021 Night of Hope in Sioux Falls

The Executive Director Madeline Shields gave us a look at what the day is like when you work at the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House. This is the entire speech we heard, and I hope it offers you some new insight into how serious the homeless situation is in Sioux Falls.

2021 Night of Hope in Sioux Falls

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House is always looking for volunteers and donations. If you can, take the time to volunteer for a day or even donate a few essential items on the list.

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