I have never been more proud to write an article at my work than this one about my son Beckham.

A week ago Saturday, my five-year-old son Beckham was riding with us into Sioux Falls and we were talking about getting him some Pokemon cards as a reward for his good behavior.

After our discussion ended, a minute later Beckham piped up from the back of our Yukon asking if he could instead get "some toys for the boys who don't have a home".

I was so amazed that his mind went to the kids with no homes this holiday season and was willing to give up his reward that day to reward others.

After I got done being a bit emotional, I told him next week we would go shopping for all the kids at the Bishop Dudley House in downtown Sioux Falls that helps house the homeless and those needing some assistance getting back on their feet.

Last week, I contacted our friends at the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House and asked for a Christmas list for each of the kids staying with them.

With the list, they provided, Beckham and I set out on a shopping day last Sunday in which we were able to get a couple of toys for each kid this holiday season.

So wearing our masks and my son in his Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, helmet, and pads, we made our way down to the Bishop Dudley House to drop off the gifts on Sunday.

Walking in and walking out of the Dudley House you see the other side of Sioux Falls where it isn't as prosperous, there isn't as much hope and it isn't what the holiday season looks like through most of this city.

It is a stark reality of how great many of us have it and how hard it can be for so many others, which made this idea from my son his greatest achievement yet.

I have never been more proud of him and his loving heart and I can't wait to see all the other good things this young man does for others in the future.

If you can this holiday season, follow the footsteps of a five-year-old and open your heart to the idea of giving back in a year where so many people could use your help on so many levels.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a blessed and happy holiday season and experience the good vibes that our family did from the generosity of our little Beckham.

If you would like more information on the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House and how you can get involved to help, visit their website.

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