I'm not much of a card player myself, but I certainly know a ton of people that love to play cards.

Some of my friends do it for fun, some to pass time, some because they're ultra-competitive, and others love to say deal me in because they love to gamble.

It's easy to understand why card games are so popular in a state like South Dakota, given our elongated winters, a good old-fashioned card game is a great way to kill some time on a cold subzero South Dakota day.

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If you had to take a guess on what particular card game we South Dakotans play the most often, what do you think it would be? Maybe a game of Bridge? Spades? Old Maid? Poker? Perhaps, War?

How about none of the above. South Dakota's go-to card game is none other than... "Go Fish." I kid you not.

Believe it or not, one of the most well-known card games for kids is South Dakota's first choice when we get dealt a hand of cards here in the Rushmore state.

A toy and game company, called Spilsbury, recently conducted a survey to determine the most popular card games in all 50 states across the nation. When they started to do a deep dive into South Dakota card players, the game Go Fish rose to the top.

I figured with Deadwood and all the other various casinos strung across the state, I would have bet on the fact that Texas Hold 'Em would have been this state's fave. But evidently, we're too busy asking each other if we have any 3's, I guess.

According to Spilsbury, they used Google Trends to help analyze the top card games being played in the country over the past twelve months. Their number-crunching team compared the stats for each card game across the states in the nation to uncover the top searched game in every U.S. state and region.

Spilsbury's research found the game Spades is the #1 card game overall in the U.S.

11 states reported that being their favorite. #2 was Texas Hold 'Em, followed by Old Maid and War.

The game Texas Hold 'Em was most popular out west. Spades did the best in the South, overall we love the game Spoons here in the Midwest, and supposedly, there are a bunch of Old Maid players in the Northeast. That game ranked #1 in states like; Massachusetts and New York.

I still can't believe Go Fish is South Dakota's go-to game. Hopefully, that's not an indication of our collective brainpower here in South Dakota?

Source: Spilsbury 


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